Adam West

How to Tell if Your Marketing Strategies are Still Effective

Simply put, marketing is a component of business management that aims at attracting customers and satisfying them. It tells consumers why it is better to choose your product/service and not your competitor’s.
Marketing a product or service is one of the most essential investments that a company should make to promote its brand and, thus, increase its revenues. 

How to Influence Online through Brand Identity

Unless you established your business 10 years ago, the only startup that can make any money based solely on physical marketing channels will be the DIY lemonade stand you help your kid niece or nephew setup. Any entrepreneur who thinks they can get by while breezing past the digital domain might as well expect to make 50 cents or so on the dollar.

Making Self-Care The New Goal for Moms in 2020

“This mom is lowering the bar and making “self-care” her goal this year!”

Screw your perfect mom blogs,  I’m not going to live an overwhelmed life to feel ok about myself

No one tells you this about Motherhood