How To Spend Two Days In Singapore- An Itinerary For Curious People

Adam West / June 26,2020
How To Spend Two Days In Singapore- An Itinerary For Curious People

How should you spend two days in Singapore, this small but saturated city-state? Spend one day among the top attractions. Then explore the places tourists don't know about. Yep, I'm about to spill all my secrets into this gorgeous two day Singapore itinerary. 
Let the million star fried bananas commence.

How to Spend Two Days in Singapore

Singapore squeezes five million residents into a compact cluster of islands at the southern tip of Malaysia – and a whole lot of food, culture and commerce. The razzamatazz of its flagship buildings and rogue trader reputation disguise a simpler truth: that quiet spots of friendship, million star fried bananas, scarlet-lit lanterns and sweaty, shady coffee houses can be found among the skyscrapers. 
As a travel writer who has visited for work and a traveller who has stayed with friends, here's my suggested itinerary for two days in Singapore.
Are two days in Singapore enough to uncover everything? Of course not. But you can still see (and taste) a lot. And it's a great place to start your travels into southeast Asia. Let's go.

Top Singapore Attractions

  • The Merlion
  • Marina Bay Sands Hotel
  • Gardens by the Bay
  • Raffles Hotel and the Singapore Sling

Top Singapore Attractions

  • Singapore Botanic Gardens & UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Quiet mangrove swamps around Chek Jawa
  • Grass jelly and million star fried banana at hawker centres.

Gardens by the Bay – An Essential Part of a Two Day Singapore Itinerary

Disclosure  – if you book or buy through these links, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. I also travelled to Singapore for a work project with the Singapore Tourism Board once, though I have also travelled there on my own. As ever, as always, I keep the right to write what I like here on Inside the Travel Lab. Cheers!

How To Spend Two Days In Singapore- An Itinerary For Curious People
Two Day Singapore Itinerary

Welcome to our two day Singapore itinerary, a clear path through a sticky, salty, sweet maze of a city-state. Of course, it goes without saying that you can't see all of Singapore in just two days. But you can see a lot. Despite its size, various attractions cluster close together and despite its sometimes sterile reputation, you can unearth plenty of authentic culture here too. 
I've travelled through Singapore for work, for fun, with friends and as a stopover on longer flights. Here's what I'd recommend for 48 hours in Singapore. 

Day One – Singapore Itinerary

Overview. Prepare for a day on your feet, taking in the sights. You're going to begin in the futuristic Gardens by the Bay, walk around past Marina Bay Sands, head to the iconic Merlion and then sneak a peek at Raffles or hop on board a bumboat cruise. Squeeze in a visit to Chinatown into the itinerary and it's a busy day. 
Not to worry, tomorrow will be more relaxing. And will take you off the beaten path. But if you have the energy, the Clarke Quay nightlife awaits.

How To Spend Two Days In Singapore- An Itinerary For Curious People
Hawker Centres – popular ways to try different tastes in Singapore

What is a hawker centre in Singapore? Hawker centres are a cross between a food court and a traditional market, held in a covered space but in the open air. For visitors, it's a great way to try lots of different dishes within one place. There are many, but the most famous is probably the historic Telok Ayer Market , also known as Lau Pa Sat

How To Spend Two Days In Singapore- An Itinerary For Curious People
Gardens by the Bay

Part natural showcase, part synthetic surrender, Gardens by the Bay is one hundred percent spectacle. By now, you'll probably recognise the artificial trees with twisting wire branches that light up at night. Every evening, twice a night, these SuperTree Grove trees put on a spectacular light and music show, Garden Rhapsody amid the faux canopy. 
But we're starting this two day Singapore itinerary in Gardens By the Bay for a reason. Several reasons. For one, it contains the world's largest greenhouse, the Flower Dome. And for another, the Cloud Forest dome and its 35 metre waterfall. 
And finally, the view back towards the CBD in Singapore and the alien spaceship hotel: Marina Bay Sands.

How To Spend Two Days In Singapore- An Itinerary For Curious People
Marina Bay Sands – An…

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